Data Input Sheet

The Data Input Sheet (DIS) was developed by C-FER at the request of the JIP Participants. The main purpose of the DIS is to facilitate transferring of data from the Participants to C-FER in a format that is compatible with the project Standards and the database structure.

Important features of the DIS include:

  • Data Qualification Routines
    The DIS data qualification routines allow Participants to check data for completeness and consistency. Using these routines, Participants can identify and fix issues with their data.
  • Reliability Analyses
    Many of the reliability analysis routines on the RIFTS website are also available in the DIS. Having analysis routines in the DIS enables users to evaluate new data and make informed decisions in a timely manner.
  • Reports
    Three reports can be produced using the DIS; an overview summary report, an error report that lists any errors identified during qualification, and a completeness report that provides the data completeness level.

Note that the DIS is not meant to replace tracking systems that Participants already have in place such as for tracking production data, workovers and equipment inventory.

Automated Mapping Routines

For Participants using the DIS as a means of transferring data to the JIP from existing tracking systems, it may be important to develop automated methods to extract the required data. C-FER is willing to work with each individual Participant to discuss how such automated methods can best be developed.

Data Collection Process

The DIS is a part of a larger data collection process that includes standards, data processing routines and numerous qualification routines.