Project Background

The JIP was initiated in November 1999, with a six-month first phase focused on generating a Failure Nomenclature Standard for the project, and building a functional database system. The database system had to allow for the efficient storage and retrieval of all relevant information collected through the project. It also had to have a number of built-in tools to allow user to query and conduct analysis with any desired subsets of the records.

Subsequent phases (i.e., since May 2000) have concentrated in increasing the amount of data in the system, improving the overall quality of the dataset, enhancing the analysis capabilities available on the Website and performing analysis to try to better understand key factors affecting run-life.

C-FER’s role in the JIP is mainly of a facilitator, a third-party resource working with the Participants to ensure that the sharing of information takes place effectively. C-FER maintains the Project Web Site, processes the Participants’ data to ensure consistency, develops new analysis tools, and conducts a variety of analyses on behalf of the Participants.

The Participants have a key role as well, since they are the source of the information, experience and knowledge related to their own operations.

A one-year duration (May-April) has been established for each phase of the JIP following the initial six-month phase. Steering Committee Meetings are scheduled twice a year, and serve for
C-FER to report progress in the project tasks and Participant company representatives to provide overall direction to the JIP.

Data in the System

As of 2018 there were ~112,000 ESP records in the System from ~800 fields representing 26 operating companies. In addition to conventional ESP systems, the database includes a number of "non-conventional" ESP's, including subsea, coiled tubing deployed, water source well ESP's, Downhole Oil/Water Separation (DHOWS) ESP systems, and Progressing Cavity Pump (PCP) ESP systems.


C-FER wishes to recognize Cleon Dunham (retired, Shell) for his vision and determination, which led to the initiation of this Joint Industry Project.